Puerto Rico Mission Trip- Day 5

This is where Pastor Randy will be blogging each day of the Puerto Rico Mission Trip.

Today was both frustrating and gratifying.  Frustrating in that we were not able to get the second coat of sealer on Lucila's roof.  We dried out the roof from overnight rain, began to put down the second coat of sealer, and it began to pour rain.  So we leave the finish of the job to another group.

The gratifying part is that we were able to get Lucila a new bed.  Part of Lucila's story is that she was widowed about four years ago.  When her husband passed away, whe was not able to keep up payments on furniture she and her husband bought on credit.  The finance company repossessed all her furniture.  All of us noticed, Lucila's bed had seen better day, so we got her a new one.  It was wonderful to see the look on her face.

Over the four days we were at Lucila's we all could tell we had made a great impact on her.  She opened up to us and began much more animated.  Her expressions were very different from the flat affect we observed on Tuesday.  You can see her big smile in the photo above taken with Tony.

Our prayer for Lucila is that God will let her know she is loved and valued, and that she would find a support system that can help her get through the tough times.  I hope you will pray for Lucila as well.