Puerto Rico Mission Trip- Day 3

This is where Pastor Randy will be blogging each day of the Puerto Rico Mission Trip.

Work continued at all three sites today.  Lucila (the woman whose house we are working on) smiled for the first time today.  It seems what we are doing is making a difference for her.  By the end of day two we were able to accomplish what we were supposed to accomplish by the end of day one.  One of our challenges is that the tools are not always up to the task.  It would have been great to have two power washers to do the roof we have been working on, but you use what you have.


One of the things that happened yesterday is that Lucila's neighbors were not happy about us being at her house.  They were worried we would get overspray on their house from Lucila's roof. We tried to reassure them we would do our best to not do that, but if we did we would make sure it was cleaned before we finished up Lucila's house.  That was not good enough for them, they insisted what little overspray we did get on their house be washed off right now.  It seems they had had a bad experience with another group that had been at Lucila's house.  The wife kept saying, “Why are you helping her and don’t help us?”    All we could do was be as nice as we could and pray for them that night.


I give you back story because today the only encounter we had with the neighbors today was very cordial and pleasant.  I chalk it up to the power of prayer.


All of the work we have been doing is important, but probably none more important than the work going on at Santo's house.  The group working at his house continues to pile up debris.  The first picture shows the pile.  Today they also tackled a huge tree that toppled and pulled up a sewer line.  The second picture at the top of the blog shows Paul Young and Santo.


Tonight we heard more of Santo's history.  After Hurricane Maria, as I told you Santo's house was pretty much destroyed.  The only thing left was the concrete shell.  Like many he went to FEMA for help and was told don’t do anything, wait, and we will get to it when we can.  Well Santo waited and waited for two years.  Finally he went back to FEMA and was told since you have done nothing on your house, we won’t help you.  You have to love the federal government!


Santo finally got on the list to be helped by American Baptist Home Mission Society and was told because of resources, all he would get was a new roof.  Santo was grateful, but still would not be able to occupy his house.  Well because of the funds we brought down with us to Puerto Rico (we brought $100 per person for supplies a total of over $2000) Santo is not only able to get his roof, but also doors and windows.  In two weeks, Santos will be able to move back into his home.  God is good!


The other pictures on the blog today show progress that has been made on Santo's home. Continue to pray for the progress on all our projects