Puerto Rico Mission Trip- Day 8 (Last Day)

This is where Pastor Randy will be blogging each day of the Puerto Rico Mission Trip.

Our last day in Puerto Rico was spent going to the south part of the island that was affected by the earthquake.  Right after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rican American Baptists decided to set up centers across the island to store and distibute food and supplies in case of another natural disaster.  These center came in handy following the devasting earthquake that hit the south part of the island.  

Before we traveled south the entire group stopped at Iglesia Bautista Ciudad Deseada in Juncos to load up three trucks with supplies for the centers.  Then most of the group traveled to Ponce to unload the trucks at Primera Iglesia Bautista de Ponce.  We then traveled to the east to pick up more supplies at a church in Guyama, and then traveled back to Ponce to unload the trucks.  You can see some of the supplies in the top picture.

Much of our time today was spent driving.  In reality we may have only done about an hour's worth of work.  But because we were 17 people strong, we were able to do in a very short time what it might have taken 3-4 people a few hours to do.

The people that we met at all the churches were very appreciative.  We took time to have our picture taken with the group in Ponce (second picture).  After they were done, they were hugs and handshakes all around and they sang us what I think was a goodbye song in Spanish.

After leavinthe church in Juncos, six people of our group traveled to the town of Yauco where they spent the day inventoring supplies.  They also had an opportunity to tour the part of the island that was hardest hit by the earthquake.  They saw several houses which had collapsed during the earthquake.

They met one 85 year old couple that had been trapped in their home when it collasped.  They had been living in a tent in their yard since the earthquake (five weeks).  Officials from FEMA showed up that day to give them a check to stay in a hotel.  This has been typical of the assistance the Puerto Ricans have gotten since the earthquake, as well as since the hurricane.