May 27- Ch. 27

Two thoughts this morning.  First, we are told that there was a practice of releasing one prisoner at Passover.  I wonder if it was always done the same way- giving the crowd two prisoners to choose between.  I think this may have just been another effort of Pilate to distance himself from what was about to happen.  The other thought relates to what Pilate understood about the people’s motives. Matthew writes, “Pilate knew that they turned Jesus in to him because they were jealous.”. Pilate may have many things, but hoodwinked by the Jewish leaders was not one of them.

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  1. Sharon Owen says:

    I was in a recent discussion about how Joseph of Arimathea and his companion would have had to lower Jesus’ body from the cross and how difficult that would be. This morning it occurred to me that the Roman guards might have removed the body for them. There may have been two or three reasons: First, all of the bodies were dead and had to be buried, so that would have been part of the duty. Another thought is that when Pilate granted a “rich man” the body, that he would have also ordered it brought down. Also the guards may have done so because Joseph had the writ from Pilate and they wouldn’t have wanted to appear obstructive.

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