May 26- Ch. 26

Ok, I think I may be a bit confused but here is an observation.  The Jewish leaders came to the conclusion not to arrest Jesus during the Passover.  My understanding is the Passover starts on sunset of the day the Passover meal is eaten and concludes at sunset the next day.  If that ia true then didn’t Jesus get arrested on the night of Passover?  If so, why did the leaders change their minds?

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  1. Larry Martin says:

    The poor, the sick, the hungry are always with us. Jesus states this in the story of the woman with the alabaster flask of oil. We as stated earlier in Mathew are to help the poor, feed the hungry, heal the sick. It was stated in the previous chapter that as you did these things for the least of these, you did it to God. We are however to do more. We are to celebrate our relationship we have with God. That is what the pouring of the expensive oil on Jesus body represents to me. If all our emphasis is on the feeding of the hungry, providing shelter to the homeless, healing the sick and we do not celebrate and focus on our relationship with God, we have missed the boat.

    • Randy says:

      As you so aptly pointed out, this incident puts into perspective the parable of the last chapter.

  2. Sharon Owen says:

    Randy: I have been considering the whole thing about whether the Jewish leaders changed their minds. In Verse 5 it says they didn’t want to do it “during the Feast”. So, if the Passover meal was eaten on the day before Passover started, it would make sense that they waited until night (after sunset) on the Passover itself. This is logical if your statement is correct, but it has always puzzled me that they could do it on the day of Passover.

    • Randy says:

      If they were scheming and plotting murder why would a little thing like Passovercget in the way? Lol

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