May 25- Ch. 25

The thing that is so frustrating for me today in regard to this chapter is it hard to distinguish between who is really hungry, thirsty, and naked and those who use the pretense as a scam.  I wonder if people did that in Jesus’ day.  Thankfully it is a bit more difficult to scam someone about being in prison.

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2 Responses to May 25- Ch. 25

  1. Larry Martin says:

    The kingdom was prepared from the foundation of the world. Those blessed of the Father will inherit the kingdom. The criteria under which he separated the nations, the righteous on the right and the unrighteous on the left, was when He was hungry did we give Him food. When He was naked did we feed Him. When He was in prison did we visit Him. It is not how we treated our fellow Christian brothers, family, or friends that makes us righteous. It is how we treat those who we look at as the least among us. Jesus says that to the extent that you did this to brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me. The unrighteous will also ask this question of when did we see you naked and not clothe you, sick and hungry and not feed you. God will answer and say when you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to Me. The righteous will inherit the kingdom, the unrighteous eternal punishment. There are many times I have seen hungry, sick, naked and walked on by.

  2. Sharon Owen says:

    That was very convicting, Larry. It is too true and a lot our ignoring those in front of us is from our background and the culture in which we are immersed.

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