May 23- Ch. 23

Two verses caught my attention this morning:   32 And you will complete the sin that your ancestors started… And…. 34 So I tell you this: I am sending to you prophets and wise men and teachers. Some of them you will kill and crucify. Some of them you will beat in your synagogues and chase from town to town.   Verse 34 I am sure refers to the followers of Christ who were going to be persecuted during the early church.  What I am wondering is does verse 32 refer to both Christ and his followers or just Christ?

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  1. Larry Martin says:

    This is a chapter of direction and warning. The leaders in the church seat themselves in the Chair of Moses. They interpret the laws, what God is directing, and instruct their flocks. The first direction direction from God is to observe and do that which they say. We need to measure it with what the Holy Spirit directs us. The Holy Spirit shows us what is truth in their teachings. When we pass these teachings onto others we need to make sure we are living them in our own lives. We are not to flaunt our religiousness to gain praise and honor from men. As said in an earlier chapter we are to let are faith shine in a way that it brings honor and praise to God. There are also warnings to us when we act pious but make life harder for others especially in the name of God. Woe to us when we lead others astray or teach them religiousness to gain favor of man, but do not teach them compassion or love.

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