May 21- Ch. 21

When the Jewish leaders got on Jesus about what the children were saying, he quoted them out of Psalms.  But it was only part of the verse.  Psalm 8:2 reads,
You have taught children and babies
to sing praises to you
because of your enemies.
And so you silence your enemies
and destroy those who try to get even.

If Jesus had quoted the entire scripture I am sure it would have made the leaders even madder.

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  1. Larry Martin says:

    The Jewish nation was the chosen nation. Being the chosen people did not save them or guarantee them a place in the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus warned them that the kingdom of God could be taken away from them and given to a nation producing the fruit of it. (verse 43) We as Christians look upon ourselves as a chosen people because we say we believe. Is there a warning here for us. Could the kingdom of God be taken away from us and given to nonchristians who produce the fruit associated with the kingdom of God? Our belief is to show results in how we live our lives.

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