May 20- Ch. 20

Here’s an interesting question to ponder:  Was the idea of sitting at Jesus’ right and left James and John’s idea or their mother’s?  I wonder if mom Zebedee had felt the boys had wasted their lives and should get something from Jesus for their sacrifice?  I remember when I told my mother I was going into ministry her initial reaction was not favorable.  She later came around, but still it was hard to take her disappointment at first.  I think in some ways mom Zebedee played out in real life the parable Jesus had just told his disciple.   In her mind her sons had worked hard for Jesus and should be paid the most.

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2 Responses to May 20- Ch. 20

  1. Larry Martin says:

    Good question Pastor. I think back to an earlier chapter where it states the harvest is ready and the workers are few. I also feel heaven is not based on a worldly system to where you are paid on a basis of time worked and position. In our world we are so wrapped up in pay being associated with effort, time, position, job done. It states earlier that we are to let our light shine before men in such a way that the may see our good works, and glorify our Father who is in heaven. The purpose of our toil is not for our reward or glorification, it is for the glorifying of God. The payment is a personal relationship with God both here and in the life to come. The payment is not one to create a hierarchy where some are rewarded more than others.

  2. Sharon Owen says:

    At the end of Chapter 19 (following the story of the rich young man) and then the beginning of Chapter 20 (parable of the vineyard workers) Jesus states that the first will be last and the last first. As you have both said, it’s not going to be what we think it is. My input is that I don’t care where I am in the queue, I just want the door open when I get there. I don’t think anyone will be worrying about precedence or position when the Master calls us.

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