Apr. 25- Ch. 25

About the ten virgins. Most things in their situation were equal. They all had lamps, they all waited, and they all got drowsy and slept. The difference was five of them prepared to be in it for the long haul by bringing extra oil. I can’t help but connect the extra oil with the idea of being the light of the world. If we aren’t prepared, our lamp could go out because of lack of fuel. For us, fuel is all those things which keep us connected, or abiding in Christ– prayer, scripture reading and study, and Christ-centered meditation.

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3 Responses to Apr. 25- Ch. 25

  1. Sharon Owen says:

    Even after sermons on the subject, I have never really understood the parable of the talents. Jesus says in other scripture also that to him who has, more will be given. For many years I related to the guy that buried the talent and returned it. I have some more understanding about it now, but still feel sorry for him. And then his talent is given to the one who already has 10! This is a very difficult passage for me.

  2. Larry Martin says:

    There are some things I had not picked up on the parable of the talents. First everyone was given something. The one five, another 2, another one. Each was given according to his own ability. Two of them used their abilities and gained more. They grew. The third took what he was given and hid it. The one who was given the most made the most. Does this correlate with teachings elsewhere where it says that to those who were given much, much will be demanded? The important thing for these two is that they used what they were given. The one who was given little compared to the other two, hid what he was given. He did not use it. What he had was taken away from him. Would this story been more acceptable if the one who was originally given 5 had hid his and the lord took it away and gave it to the ones that were given 2 or 1 talent. I look at my talents and say that there are many much better equipped to do whatever than I for furthering God’s kingdom. The point of the parable is not that I am not as talented as someone else, but that I am to use the abilities I do have to further God’s kingdom.

  3. Randy Pearson says:

    I think Larry hit the nail on the head. It has to do with how we use what we are given.

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