Feb. 27- Ch. 27

A very weird thought came to me reading this passage this morning.  If I were a religious leader that had plotted to commit murder, I would think I would find a way to rationalize it.  If for nothing else to give myself a clear conscience. But the leaders that plotted against him didn’t rationalize it at all.  They knew exactly what they were doing.  They wouldn’t put the thirty pieces of silver in the temple offering because it was money from murder for hire.  I guess they are like all of us sometime, when we decide that it is ok to sin for a good reason.  Lord help us Not to be that blatantly rebellious!

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  1. Larry Martin says:

    I like your comment pastor. I look at Judas. It doesn’t give his rationalization for betraying Jesus. It does show his remorse. I look at myself and how often I betrayed my walk with God. I remember the remorse that sometimes did not come until years later. I remember the short term gains and how later when I realized what I had done my tossing those gains literally on the temple floor. My actions at the time of betrayal were what I thought at the time were the best of reasons. My only problem was I was looking at my goals, not what my relationship with Jesus was telling me through the Holy Spirit.

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