Feb. 19- Ch. 19

Let’s talk about the man Jesus told to sell all his possessions.  He just couldn’t do it.  The Message reads, “He was holding on tight to a lot of things, and he couldn’t bear to let go.”  How many of us fall into that same category?  We hold on to things we can’t bear to let go of, even for the love of Christ.  In this case it was material things,  but in some cases it is immaterial things…hurt, brokenness, woundedness.  Is it really worth holding on to?

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  1. Larry Martin says:

    I know that I hold onto things. Some of them are material and some are things such as family, ideals, hope for my children, etc.. God asks us to give these things up and Follow him. The things we hold dear we have been asked to give to others or over to God. That is not easy. I had a weight lifted from my shoulders when I gave my children over to God for God to direct them in the way that he had planned for them. When I keep control over something I find it controls me and gets in the way of my following Jesus.

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