Jan. 27- Ch. 27

I have to shake my head and giggle at the religious leaders.  First they mock Jesus, “He’s saved others let him save himself.”  If they had only known what he could have done.  But instead he followed through on what God called him to do.  I wish I had the discipline and commitment to follow through on  all the things God gives me to do.  Second, when the religious leaders show your concern about Jesus being raised from the dead, Pilate tells them to take a guard and make the tomb as secure as they know how.  That worked well didn’t it?  Silly religious leaders!  I think sometimes we try to secure ourselves against what God is trying to do.  Maybe unknowingly, but still we do it.  Silly us!!!

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  1. Sharon Owen says:

    This reading was the first time I had noticed that Pilate said “as secure as you can make it” which was not only unnecessary to for him to say, but it’s interesting that it was recorded by Mathew, since it was a trivial statement. Obviously, it was meant to send a picture to us of how they were “operating” or not.
    Another thing that was brought to my attention in this reading was which Marys were named as at the crucifixion and the tomb by Mathew. I’ve always gotten my Marys mixed up and this time I think I have it. I had thought that his mother Mary was there, but perhaps I need to check out Mark and Luke.

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