Jan. 26- Ch. 26

Where to begin…the anointing of Jesus’ feet has always been interesting to me.  The disciples up in arms about the waste, and Jesus’ comment about the poor always being with us.  I have heard some people use this as rational for not helping those in need.  After all Jesus said they will always be around.  I don’t think that is what he meant.   My guess is he was talking in terms of priority.  With his imminent death approaching, I think he wanted them to focus on that and its meaning for them and the world.  Another interesting fact about this event is that it seems it was the event that pushed Judas over the edge to make the decision to betray Christ.

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2 Responses to Jan. 26- Ch. 26

  1. Toni Masters says:

    As lacking as my financial life has been, I have never liked the idea of betrayal in any form. This would be from being betrayed by just about anybody I know. Being betrayed by family, my closet friend (in her addiction),agencies that were supposedly helping me, case workers, case managers, etc., and through all of this, I still see the person and what causes them to betray me. It isn’t Jesus, God or the Holy Spirit! I have had to look at what my reaction is suppose to look like in Gods eyes. Trust me sometimes it hasn’t always been the easiest thing to do and have wanted to smack someone at times. But with Gods work in my life I am finding that SELF CONTROL has been the best gift God could have given me, or I would probably be sitting in jail right now. Thank You LORD! I look at how BIG the lie must have been from Satan to make Judas commit suicide after betraying the LORD, of all people. I can think of plenty of people more deserving than the Son of God, can’t you? When I feel like I might have done or said something harsh to or about someone, I don’t ever have it stop eating at me, I can only imagine what it did to Judas. I also wonder what would have changed IF Judas had went to Jesus about it, and asked for forgiveness.

  2. Randy says:

    I know it was tough on Judas that is why he hung himself. Thanks, Toni for your comments.

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