Jan.22 – Ch. 22

Jesus was tested in the wilderness before his earthly ministry began.  Here in chapter 22 we are reminded that he was tested over and over and over and over again.  First the Pharisees would come at him, then the Sadducees, then the Pharisees would come back for more.  I wonder if he ever wondered when it would all stop, if he could continue to stand strong in the face of resistance.  I know I wonder about those things for myself.  Do you?

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One Response to Jan.22 – Ch. 22

  1. Shannon Hastings says:

    I wonder for myself. Only as I read more do I realize that He was indeed tempted in every way. Just as we are. We tend to forget that He was fully human and fully God as well. We think only about the God part and only a little about the human part. I am so thankful for a savior who really knows us and understands our weakness.

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