Jan. 21- Ch. 21

I think it is interesting that all Jesus’ disciples had to say to the owner of the colt is, “The Lord needs them.” and the owner was willing to let them go for the Lord’s use.  How easily do we turn things over to the Lord when we hear the Spirit prompting, “The Lord needs them [it, you, your time, your money, your talents?”

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  1. Sharon Owen says:

    It has always been interesting to me that Jesus stated that the donkey colt would be one on which no one had ever ridden/sat. I happened to look at the footnote in my study Bible which referred me to a footnote for Luke 19:40 that said that it meant one that had never been put to secular use and gave a couple of reference passages (Nu 19:2 & 1Sa 6:7). I thought this was pretty straightforward–never had been ridden! The references talk about cows (female bovines)–in one case to be slaughtered and in the other to pull a cart with the ark of the covenant–and not a word about secularization. Now I’m really curious what all that meant!

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