Apr. 21- Ch. 21

In the exchange with Jesus about John the Baptist attempted to be sly instead of truthful, and it backfired.  I know there are times that I have not truthful  with God about things in my life,  and they have backfired.  Hopefully I can learn to be more and more honest in my relationship with God.

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2 Responses to Apr. 21- Ch. 21

  1. Sharon Owen says:

    I find myself “leaving out details” when I am confessing something–even though I know that God already knows all the details and most likely some I’ve even hidden from myself.

  2. Larry Martin says:

    The story of the cleansing of the temple is interesting. Jesus tossed out the moneychangers and those who were selling doves. He accused them of making the temple a robbers den rather then a house of prayer. The next thing is the people brought him in the temple their blind and lame. He healed them. The children cried out in the temple and saying “Hosanna to the Son of David”. It seems to me that the people were not upset at the throwing out of the money changers and sellers of Doves. I wonder how many stayed away from the temple just because they saw it mainly as a scam to take more money from the people and fill the pockets of the temple leaders. Do we have things in our church that keep people away? Is our church a house of prayer first and foremost.

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