Apr. 19- Ch. 19

People who think if you live a good life you will get to heaven should read this chapter and the story of the rich young ruler.  Jesus makes it very clear that living a good life is not enough to inherit eternal life.

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4 Responses to Apr. 19- Ch. 19

  1. Sharon Owen says:

    Excellent insight! I was thinking the same thing this morning about people in eastern thinking and many modern westerner, except I didn’t connect it with today’s scripture. I was reflecting on Jesus’ statement that it is very hard for the rich to enter the kingdom. He meant that money and the acquisition of money become idols for us. Many of us don’t think we are “rich” but money is still a powerful factor in our lives and often a motivator for our actions or inactions–when we don’t “give generously” without thought of reward.

    • Larry Martin says:

      Good insight on the passage both of you. It was easier to look at this passage and think it applied to the rich or avarice for money. It applies to all of us. We all have certain things we value greatly. For some it is money, others standing among their peers, other their good name, other their home, other their family, other their job. When we put any of these above following God we are no different than the Rich Young Ruler. Those things than can become the Gods we worship. I do not believe God is going to ask us to give up our family or home. I do believe God is going to ask us to put God first in our lives. That may mean be willing to give up the home. I feel that Jesus told to the young ruler to sell all that he had because Jesus saw that the riches he had were keeping him from following God.

      • Toni says:

        Why won’t God ask us to leave our families for the sake of salvation in the world? I think there are those that are called to do just this by going into the mission field and spreading the word of God. I hope I am not out of line by asking this.

  2. Toni says:

    In my reading I am noticing that ANYTHING that comes before God, can and usually does became as a form of a god to many of us. I see pets picked over people more times than not, doesn’t this make our pets gods by some? I’m sorry, but when I see strollers, clothes, groomers, dental work, massage, the price of some vet bills, and yet we have people going hungry in our communities while the animals are receiving FOUR STAR treatment. Aren’t humans suppose to be overseers of the animals? How many pet owners put themselves after an animal? This is just me but I am really bothered by this when I see it. I find myself budgeting food for my dog and not for myself. I am constantly reminded to think of the human lives that are around me and not the animals. After all what souls are being reaped for GOD? MAN or BEAST?

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