September 19- John 19

So I think I had commented before about the weight of the spices Nicodemus brought to prepare the body.  I wonder if he brought one or two men with him to carry them.  Which means that they were probably there to help get Jesus off the cross and to lay him in the tomb.  They would have been more witnesses to the fact that Jesus was dead and laid in the tomb.

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  1. Sharon Owen says:

    It is not clear in John why Pilate had Jesus flogged. It is likely that prisoners were routinely flogged once they were sentenced. However, John indicates that Pilate was still trying to release Jesus at the time he had him flogged. I wonder if he thought that would appease the Jews? Of course, when Jesus came out wearing a purple robe, the sign of royalty, that incensed them even more. I also think that Pilate was doing a little “revenge” when he put the sign (in three languages) above Jesus’ head that read “King of the Jews”. He knew full well that would really make them mad.

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