July 21- John 21

John says Peter was upset the third time Jesus asked him if he loved Jesus.  I have heard some say he was upset because Jesus had to ask three times.  I believe Peter was upset because doing this three times reminded him he had denied Jesus three times.

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  1. Sharon Owen says:

    Today I actually noticed the names and numbers of the disciples that went to fish with Peter. Five are named and two are not, suggesting to me that they may not have been part of the 12. It is interesting that Andrew (Peter’s brother) either wasn’t there or wasn’t named. I have always found the decision to go fishing to be a thoroughly human response to the uncertainty and stress the disciples must have been feeling. We know that at least three of those who went were professional fishermen and on that very lake. It must have felt familiar and comforting to do something productive that didn’t take much thought while they were waiting for Jesus or God to give them the next step.

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