May 27- 2 John

The issue of “the Lady chosen by God” continues to dominate my thinking about this short book.  A conclusion I have come to is this- this woman could very likely be a pastor or an evangelist.  It is highly likely when John is talking about “her children” he is talking about spiritual children- persons she has given spiritual birth to by leading them to Jesus.  The main focus of this letter seems to be to point out their are some doctrinal issues with some of her children.  I am wondering if this is written about the same group of people John writes about in 3 John.  In 3 John, he seems to get a bit more specific, naming names.

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  1. Sharon Owen says:

    I started reading today with the blog from the 19th. They are all “right on” and fresh thinking–thank you! I have been giving this letter a lot of thought also. While I was at first convinced that this was a real person and not a church he was writing to, I have changed my thinking. In I John and III John, it is clear that he is writing to a church (I) and a person he calls by name (III). It occurred to me as I re-read this another time that he would likely have named a person, even a woman. More than that, he deliberately didn’t use a name because it was a disguised letter to a church–perhaps a church where there was local persecution and he didn’t want to put them in danger–this last was inspired as I wrote it.

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