May 21- John 21

I wonder if Peter thought about the fact that Jesus asked him three times if Peter loved him- the same number of times Peter denied Jesus.  The NIV refers to this section of scripture as “Jesus Reinstates Peter.”  I highly doubt Peter lost his status with Jesus.  Maybe in Peter’s thinking that was the case, but not in Jesus’ case.  If Peter lost status with Jesus over what he did, we are all in trouble.  Did Peter need to be forgiven for what he did, absolutely, but need for forgiveness does not equate to loss of status.

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  1. Sharon Owen says:

    John goes to great length in his entire Gospel, but especially in this chapter, to speak of “the disciple whom Jesus loved” as witness, participant and author. After this many readings, I realize that in fact he didn’t do this offhandedly nor was it meant to actually draw attention to himself, but probably to disguise his name, since he had no way of knowing who would read a document that would be made public by the followers of Jesus.

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