Mar. 19- John 19

In reading the account of the crucifixion this morning and the part where Jesus gives his mom to John to be cared for,  I was reminded of something I was once told.  We don’t hear much in scripture about the Apostle John after the crucifixion.  Someone reasoned that this was because he was busy care for the Lord’s mother as Jesus had asked.  At the end of John’s life, probably after Mary had died, God rewarded John for his faithfulness to the task Jesus had given him by allowing the Apostle to have the vision of the Revelation.  Whether this is the reason John was chosen to receive this vision I do not know, but it would have possibilities.

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  1. Sharon Owen says:

    In a book I am reading called “Chasing the Divine in the Holy Land” there is evidently a traditional rock on which Jesus was laid while being cleaned and prepared for burial. Somehow I had always thought this was done inside the tomb, but John speaks of the tomb as an “after”. Nicodemus hauled 75 pounds of myrrh and aloes up to get the body and then to wherever they prepared him. They were two very brave and dedicated followers of Christ. Does anyone know what “aloes” are? I never thought to ask the question.

    • Randy says:

      I had always assumed “aloes” were a type of plant similar to aloe vera. There are many varieties of the plant, most likely there was one that helped to preserve a body, or at least cut down on decay.

      • Sharon Owen says:

        I did some quick research in Google and learned that 1. Jews did not embalm so the spices were probably for the purpose of reducing odor. 2. They were EXTREMELY expensive. 3. There is some reason to think that “aloes” is derived from sandalwood which of course is a very aromatic spice. I found this fascinating. I have always kind of thought that it had to do with embalming, but of course that doesn’t make any sense in a Jewish burial ritual.

  2. Beth Jones says:

    What did we learn about Jesus in this Scripture reading today? Even though He was dealing with His own trials and tribulations, His own mental, emotional, physical pain, He still took care of others. As He was hanging on the cross, He conducted one last piece of business. He made sure His mother would be taken care of after He died by putting her into the care of his disciple, John; which makes me wonder what happened to His own brothers! Did He already know that John would be chosen to live to a ripe old age while the others would be martyrs, including His brothers? Is that why He put her under the care of John? Nonetheless, He knew His mother would be taken care.

    Often when we are in our own tribulations and trials, we tend to become focused on our own circumstances–at least I do. I forget that others are hurting and dealing with their own pain as well. I know others are hurting, but am blinded by my own pain. I felt challenged today by Jesus’ example that I need to take care of and pray for others as well, despite my own pain. What a challenge!

    • Sharon Owen says:

      Beth: Now you’ve gone to preaching! Occasionally (note this word) when I am sick or stressed, I have had the thought that I am still much better off than many others and that I should be praying for our list of concerns. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen often and even then I have to talk myself into that little extra “oomph” to get it done. I was not aware that Jesus’ brothers were martyred.

  3. Larry Martin says:

    Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus took the body and prepared it for burial. They did this even though they knew it might anger the Jewish leaders and it states that Joseph was fearful of them. Joseph did not flaunt what he was doing in the face of the Jewish leaders but yet he found a way to do it by getting permission from Pilate. I wonder as we carry out the tasks God has assigned is in our walk with Christ if we are to find a way to do them that does not flaunt our actions in the face of those who might be opposed but that also gets the task done.

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