Feb. 21- John 21

Peter asking Jesus about John’s fate is interesting.  I wonder why Peter what so interested in what would happen to John.  If my recollection serves me correctly, I think John was the only one of the 12 that died a natural death.  In a sense John did live till the Lord returned, because he was given the vision of Revelation.

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  1. Sharon Owen says:

    I am interested in the detailed account that John gives of the scene by the Sea of Tiberias, as he calls it. He not only lists the people who were present but the count of the fish in the net. Since he, too, was a fisherman, the exact number of fish pulled in without the net breaking may have seemed much more significant to him and to any fishermen reading the account than it does to us. Then he details the exchange with Peter and then simply says that a lot of other things happened and stops the narrative. The lack of more examples and mention of Jesus’ departure seem strange to me. Obviously, for whatever reason, he didn’t think anything more was needed to fulfill his purpose in writing.

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