Nov. 26

“If God has not come through (as far as you can see), it doesn’t mean He has abandoned you.”  How easily we turn to this thinking.  It is something that I know I continually struggle with when I don’t get from God what I want when I want it.

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  1. Larry Martin says:

    A Savior had been promised. For many centuries the people of Israel and the world were waiting. I think of the wise men who followed the star. I think of Simeon who recognized Jesus as the “Lord’s Christ”. I think of the shepherds in the field. I think of myself and my fellow men. How often I in the past waited for a savior to be borne into my life. I did not always know that is what I was waiting for but it was. What I found was God did not pay much attention to my time table. Jesus always came to me however at the right time, at a time when I could accept Jesus as my savior. It was at a time when I could receive adoption from God as a son. It was not at a time when I was so much on the throne that I was asking to adopt God. The adoption has brought great joy into my life. Thank you for sending Your Son to us. Thank you for making all this possible.

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