Oct. 24- Ch. 24

There are a lot of people that are clammering that we are in the end times.  I can say one thing-  we are closer every single day…lol

Seriouly, as I read what Jesus is saying here, there are still things to happen before the BEGINNING of the end is to come.  We have nation against nation and wars and rumor of wars, but I have not heard of anyone on a mass scale claiming to be the Messiah.  Nor have we had the “abomination of desolation.”

When Jesus tells us to keep watch, it is not to keep watch for his return.  Rather, keeping watch means we keep doing the things that he has tasked us to do- feed the hungry, clothe the naked, do justice, seek mercy.  That is the best way for us to keep watch.

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2 Responses to Oct. 24- Ch. 24

  1. Sharon Owen says:

    I agree with all you have said. We are having earthquakes and famines and, like you pointed out, they are only the beginning! I have to say that the description in this chapter makes me glad that I will probably be one of those rising at the trumpet call, rather than alive at that time, which sounds unbearable.

  2. Larry Martin says:

    I agree. Even if we are close to the end times, a period of desolation, war and plagues over the entire world, we are to do the things God has called us to do. During these times our safety rests not in ourselves but in God. We may suffer sickness, be persecuted, even be put to death but God’s promise is God will be with us and is with us. Verse 13 says “But he who endures to the end shall be saved”. Verse 22 states “and unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened”. Mankind will survive the tribulation but will I? I do not know the answer but even if my physical self does not God promises he will be with me and I will be saved.

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