Oct. 20- Ch. 20

Just had a thought about envy.  When we are envious of another person, aren’t we really demonstrating some kind of anger or frustration with God?  If God loved me as much as that other person…if God treated me like that other person…wouldn’t I have what he/she has?  Hmm…

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2 Responses to Oct. 20- Ch. 20

  1. Sharon Owen says:

    Glad you had that thought. It puts feelings into a perspective that is needed in our relationship to God, not to mention that other person.

  2. Larry Martin says:

    Envy is a devious thing. When I envy or covet I close off my relationship with God and the person I am envying. I find I envy when I think the other person has something I do not but want. I find that the person I envied for one thing envied me for another. I have found over years to start being thankful for what I have. This does 2 things. First it takes my mind off of what I do not have. Second it allows me to see the other person. Because of this my relationship with God improves and my relationship with the other person improves.

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