Sept. 22- Ch. 22

In this chapter we have one of the two mentions of the Herodians in the New Testament (the other is in Luke 13:31. The Herodians were in cahoots with the Pharisees to get Jesus, and, unlike the Pharisees, they were staunch supporters of King Herod, and thus Roman occupation. I think the Pharisees brought them along this time, so if Jesus rebelled against paying taxes, they could witness his rebellion first hand.

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4 Responses to Sept. 22- Ch. 22

  1. Sharon Owen says:

    This morning I am drawn to the questioning of Jesus about marriage at the time of the resurrection. What he said there about people being “like the angels in heaven” seems to me to have been a bit of a culture shocker. We don’t think much about this comment because we emphasize and focus on the belief of the individual. In those days whole households became believers when the head of the household became one. Think what a woman whose whole life is tied up in her husband and family would think of no longer being married or even really affiliated with their earthly family when they went to heaven. It might not sound so heavenly.

  2. Larry Martin says:

    I had not really thought on the marriage before. You are right Sharon, our culture does focus on the individual. But we do focus on good relationships too. When my friend Paul died one of the things we said was he was with his wife now and was ready to go and join her. My mother looked forward to going and joining my dad. I look to being with Carol in heaven. In heaven Jesus says we are as angels, not given in marriage. Marriage on earth was formulated to give us a construct of a special relationship with another that man could not otherwise achieve. Maybe that is because of our emphasis on the individual. What I hear Jesus saying we, as the angels, will be in special relationship with God and through God in special relationship with our fellow angels. Our family expands to include all others. Try and imagine that in our earthly life. I cannot. When I try all I see is a mess.

  3. Sharon Owen says:

    I had not considered the idea that we would have expanded family in heaven–maybe our family will include everyone there if you take your argument to its full expansion. I expect Jesus meant that there would be no control or subservience to anyone else. He did not of course say that we would not still have love relationships, but I think he meant the love would not include dependence or even interdependence that we associate with love in marriage or parent-child roles.

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