Sept. 21- Ch. 21

Something I found interesting today. After Jesus’ authority is questioned, he directs his next two parables to the Pharisees. In fact he engages them in a dialogue about the parables. Maybe he did, but I don’t remember him doing this anywhere else.

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  1. Sharon Owen says:

    Why would the stone rejected by the builders be made the capstone? For one thing, we usually think of the capstone as the cornerstone but a more relevant meaning is that it is the stone placed at the top of an arch, such as an entryway, thus the “cap” of the arch. My NIV footnotes failed me here, but that explanation has always made the most sense to me. A stone at the top of the arch would have to be shaped such that it was balanced between the two sides and probably specifically carved into a special shape for its function. Thus, a more rectangular shaped stone that might be used elsewhere may not be the “right” one for the capstone. This was Jesus. He wasn’t like anyone else, but his divinity, shaped by his life as a human made him perfect to balance all others to form the entry to the kingdom of heaven.

    • Randy says:

      This is an interesting passage of scripture. The Greek that is translated into capstone or cornerstone is kephalēn gónias. Literally translated it means “head corner.” Therefore confusion on whether it is a capstone or cornerstone. Psalm 118:22, the scripture Jesus is quoting is the same way in Hebrew, the Hebrew words for “head corner.”

  2. Larry Martin says:

    The parable of the Two Sons is interesting. The first son says he will not do his fathers wishes but later did. The second son says he will do his father’s will but did not. Jesus asks which did the will of the father. The answer is of coarse the first. I wonder if today the second son would be the Christians or their leaders. Jesus said to those he talked to assuredly tax collectors and harlot will enter the kingdom before you. Today are those tax collectors and harlots those outside of good and chosen Christians? Are we because of our feeling of being chosen have ears closed to those who come to us teaching God’s way. Jesus accusation was that the pharisees and leaders of the people were closed to what John was saying. The people not in the mainstream of the religion were the ones that listened.

  3. Larry Martin says:

    I had heard before that Jesus was the capstone. I like the idea you presented and had not though about it than way before. I also see him as the corner stone around which every thing else is built. The capstone however is what holds it together.

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