Aug. 27- Ch. 27

I think it is interesting when this chapter starts, the religious leaders had Jesus in hand, and they wanted him killed, but at this point they still hadn’t decided how to make that happen. Apparently, in their case, it took a lot of planning to figure out how to go against the will of God. I wished that was the case for us, but unfortunately we can do it without much planning…sigh.

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  1. Larry Martin says:

    “Eli, Eli, lama sabachtani?” “My God, My God, why have you abandoned ME?” I have heard this verse 46 discussed. Some say we misinterpret it. Jesus and God were one. Jesus would never feel God abandoned him. I am not so sure. Jesus was the only begotten son of God. He came to earth as a man. I know I as a believer if I were being crucified and suffering would probably feel that way. Most people I know would probably feel that way. If Jesus did not have those human feelings was He then not a human, just a perfect God? This goes against the teaching of the scripture. When I have been in situations that have caused me physical or emotional pain I have asked that question. I have felt abandoned by God. Did I sin because I felt that way. I do not think so. I always found that my God had not abandoned me. I believe that Jesus found the same. I believe he questioned. His questioning was not sin because we are taught through the scripture that Jesus was sinless. His question was human. I believe he asked it as a human feeling as if he was abandoned. I interpret his releasing His spirit to God He in essence is saying God did not abandon me. This verse brings home the fact that Jesus was not only God, but man experiencing the emotions, fears, pain, and uncertainty that we all face.

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