Aug. 23- Ch. 23

For the first time, I realize reading this chapter that Jesus was goading the religious leaders to kill him. “Go ahead, then, and complete what your ancestors started!” were his words to them. I wonder if this was the tipping point for them to decide to kill him, or just added more fuel to the fire already burning.

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  1. Larry Martin says:

    Take up my cross. My burden is light. This message is spoken by Jesus. In chapter 23 Jesus says the teachers and leaders of the church sit on the throne of Moses in our society. They give out interpretations of the teachings of Jesus. We are to obey those teachings. Woe to us when we make those teachings a heavy burden on man. At that point we are no longer teaching God’s word but the laws and commandments of men. Verse 11 says we as Christians should be servants to our fellow man Christian or not. Woe to us when we make the teachings of God burdensome to man. Woe to us when we make great effort to bring another to Christ but then once he/she is won make the belief burdensome to them making them like us.

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