July 26- Ch. 26

Nowhere is scripture does it tell us where Jesus ate the Passover.  Church tradition has always been that it was the house of John Mark, Paul’s traveling companion and the author of the Gospel of Mark.  I had never read anything about why the church held that tradition, but I recently found a website that presents a convincing argument.  Here is the site.  Check it out and let me know what you think  http://www.christiantimelines.com/marks_house.htm

Another prophecy fulfilled- 16 total

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  1. Larry Martin says:

    The story of the woman with an alabaster flask is intriguing. She came to Jesus and poured valuable oil preparing his body for burial. The disciples seeing what was done thought how wasteful. Jesus told them not to judge. Even though they could not see it, Jesus informed them that what she did was a good work for Him. The disciples were judging using logic and man’s criteria. How often I have judged the actions of another not seeing the whole picture or seeing it through the eyes of God. From what was said I expect that they were giving the woman a hard time. How difficult it is not to judge the actions of another by my criteria, my priorities. I probably would of been one of those saying how wasteful.

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