July 22- Ch. 22

Back to a discussion of angels.  Jesus says in v. 30, “At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.”  I wonder if this verse helps to contribute to the misconception that when we die we become angels.  Jesus did not say that.  He said “like the angels.”

Another prophecy fulfilled- 15 total.

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  1. Sharon Owen says:

    Verse 30 also refutes the belief of the Mormons (LDS) that a couple is “sealed for eternity”.

    In this chapter the groups take turns trying to trip Jesus. In the preceding chapter verse 45, the “chief priests and the Pharisees” looked for ways to arrest him; Then in Chap 22, verse 15, the Pharisees teamed up with the Herodians (bitter enemies) and then verse 23 the Sadducees took a swipe and in verse 34, “Hearing that Jesus had silenced the Sadducees, the Pharisees got together” and sent one of their experts to test him. If it hadn’t been so annoying and frightening, it would have been funny.

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