June 27- Ch. 27

Pilate asked Jesus if he was King of the Jews and Jesus tells Pilate, “You have said so.”  Interestingly , Jesus himself never uses those words about himself in Matthew, or any other gospel for that matter.

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2 Responses to June 27- Ch. 27

  1. Sharon Owen says:

    I have never heard a sermon or lesson on verse 52 about the dead people who were resurrected and walking around. That seems like one of those “urban myths” that get started. Were they spirits or solid people who then lived on? Very interesting but kind of disturbing.

  2. Larry Martin says:

    People who passed by the crucified Jesus blasphemed Christ saying save yourself. “If you are the son of God, come down from the cross.” Others said come down from the cross and we will believe him. They admitted he saved others, verse 42. Others said if he is who he says he is, let God save him. Many reviled him. They sat up a condition for Christ to meet before they would believe. The miracle was Christ’s dying on the cross. We know that now. They at that time did not. The coming down from the cross to them would have been a miracle as they saw it. During their time someone being crucified was not that unusual. I wonder how many miracles I miss seeing because I look at them through eyes conditioned by the society I live in. I wonder if I would see a lot more if I saw them through the eyes of the Holy Spirit and through God’s plan.

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