June 24- Ch. 24

The events Jesus outlines in Matthew 24 have been used over and over again by different groups in different generations to say that generation was in the end times.  Jesus was kept in the dark about when this was all going to happen, so what makes mortal men think they can figure it out.  I think the key to things getting close is this “abomination of desolation” Jesus refers to.

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2 Responses to June 24- Ch. 24

  1. Sharon Owen says:

    I think global warming and its effects e.g. famines, as well as the fact that we are having many more earthquakes says we are a lot closer than previous generations.

  2. Larry Martin says:

    I think also because of global warming, more earth quakes, more tornadoes, more wars and rumors of wars, that yes we are closer. Does closer mean it will come in my physical life time? This chapter says that is not mine to know or determine. But this chapter does say in the meantime I am to be a good servant of God. The important thing is not if Christ’s return is in my physical lifetime. The important thing is that I do not say in my heart my master is delaying his coming or he will not come in my physical lifetime so I can do whatever I want. Christ says blessed is the servant who does that which God directs even when God is not physically there. We are to prepare the way for Christ’s return.

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