June 22- Ch. 22

The man at the wedding feat without a wedding garment, as I have previously mentioned, is one that is a bit perplexing to me.  So I did a bit of reading.  Many commentators agree that the man represents the hypocrites in Christianity.  Those who claim to be ready to come to the feast, but they really aren’t.  All of us know those who claim to follow Christ, but their behavior doesn’t jive with their words.  I think those are who Christ is talking about here.  Again…we are to be doers.

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  1. Larry Martin says:

    Have you noticed that in the wedding hall it was filled with guests. These guests were the ones the servants were sent out to gather when the original guests, the chosen ones, were too busy or bothered to come. These guests were both bad and good. The story goes further and states the king came to the feast. There he saw one who did not have a wedding garment. He asked “friend, how did you come in here without a wedding garment?” The man was speechless. The king ordered him to be bound and cast into the outer darkness. We have been asked to the wedding feast. We were asked when we confessed our belief in Christ. The wedding feast was prepared with us in mind. This story is a warning to us. Being asked isn’t enough. We need to go. Going isn’t enough. We have to be dressed to participate and celebrate. What is this wedding garment. I do not know. From earlier parables my guess would be the bearing of good fruit. It doesn’t say. Was the one not wearing the proper attire good or bad. It doesn’t say. Were there bad there with the proper attire. The verses indicate that. I would be interested in others opinion of the parable of the wedding feast.

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